2017 is already here and we are coming at you with a multitude of brand-new exciting things from Cholaca! To kick off the new year and continue to grow our brand as an ingredient company, we will be bringing you exciting new collaborations we have coming up with Breweries, Distilleries and Chocolatiers as well, stay tuned for Cholaca in…everything in 2017!!
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Brews News
It is no secret as to why people love Chocolate Beer – it is absolutely delicious! We had great success this past year partnering up with various breweries to bring you a plethora of heavenly chocolate flavored beers. Cholaca was the secret ingredient to numerous chocolate beers that ranked in the top ten consumer favorites nationwide in 2016! Additionally, last year was filled with successful release events, including those at Oskar Blues, Breckenridge Brewery, Shine Brewery and more, where we took you behind the brew to show how cholaca beer is made and manufactured. This year, we hope to continue these events and to grow cholaca to become the desired secret ingredient for chocolate beers everywhere! Stay tuned for our new “Behind the Brew” video and “Breck Brew Highlight” video coming in January from our Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout Release Event!

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Craft Distilling
Did you know that the French have been producing and selling chocolate liqueur since 1666!? Chocolate liqueur can be consumed straight, as an after dinner drink rather than as an apertif! It is used in mixed drinks and in desserts. It is especially great used in dessert sauces, cakes, and truffles.

Today there are several brands of chocolate liqueur on the market and Cholaca is ready to get on board! Look out for Cholaca liqueurs coming soon!
Chocolate and Bakery Lovers Let’s Celebrate the New Year!
The better the cacao, the better the chocolate, and the better the chocolate the better the cookies! This is precisely why we are using our cholaca wafers to team up with chocolatiers and bakeries all over the U.S. to bring you freshly baked Cholaca treats to enjoy in 2017! Keep up with us on social media to find out what bakery we’ll be in next!

Contest: Cholaca In Your Kitchen!
This month we are holding a contestto see what you can come up with using Cholaca as the secret ingredient in YOUR kitchen! In theme with our new developments in the worlds of alcohol and baking, we encourage you to bake your own cholaca treat or mix your own cholaca cocktail. Upload a photo of your recipe to social media with the #cholacainmykitchen and enter to win a gift card to @WholeFoodsMarket!

Cholaca is rapidly growing in the grocery department! We are now available in over 100 grocery stores nationwide including: 30+ Natural Grocers, 30 Sprouts, and 25+ Whole Foods! Plus, this year our product will be available in many new states, keep an eye out California – you’re next!

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Food Services
Did you know that Cholaca is excellent as part of a bruschetta crumble topping and that it is the ideal ingredient in a mole sauce? As our consumers experiment more and more with our wonderful cacao, they have discovered innovative ways to perfectly prepare our product! This new discovery has our team heading to the food service industry where cholaca will be surprising you in 2017!

Check out all of our recipes at cholaca.com/recipes to make any of these at home!

Thanks to Ozo Coffee, Laughing Goat, Flatirons Coffee and more – there is nothing like a sweet Cholaca Mocha to wake you up in the morning! Look for Cholaca in your local coffee house and be sure to stay tuned as we expand further across Cafe’s state and nationwide!