In February, we are bringing you Cholaca in…. EVERYTHING! And, we’ll be introducing you to a quickly growing segment of our company: craft chocolate. We will provide exclusive footage and insight as to what happens behind the scenes in craft chocolate manufacturing while bringing you important information on why craft chocolate is so vital to our planet. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are offering a few very special and all new love theme recipes to make with your sweetie. We will also be promoting an exclusive Valentine’s Day Contest you don’t want to miss out on! Finally, as we continue our wonderful marriage with chocolate beer, stay tuned for all new chocolate beer releases featuring Cholaca, as well as food pairings that match perfectly with your favorite chocolate brews!

We have recently joined forces with our regenerative cacao partners at YellowSeed and Chocolatier partners at Cacoco, Philosophers, and Firefly to tell our collaborative chocolate story.

Check out our video below and follow along as we go behind the scenes of the chocolate factories and explain why craft chocolate is an invaluable part of saving the rainforest…one tasty bite at a time!

A Very Cholaca Valentine’s Day!
Dazzle them with chocolate, because nothing says I love you like chocolate! Head to to check out some of our very special Valentine’s Day recipes! Enter to win our delicious Cholaca prize pack by posting your Valentine’s Day celebration pictures to our Cholaca Facebook page with #Cholacacheers! Share your love!

Plus, join us while we celebrate Cholaca in…EVERYTHING! Enjoy these romantic recipe suggestions from us for the perfect 2017 Valentine’s Celebration: Let’s do delicious together!