We are Thankful for our Wonderful Partners!
Tis the season to be kind, thoughtful, genuine, and most of all…thankful! To show our gratitude we want to thank one of our amazing partners each day of November for all that they do to support our pure liquid cacao. From the farmers in Ecuador to the brewers in Ireland, we have so many people we appreciate. 
Stay tuned this month for new recipes, upcoming contests, where to find us on sale, and where you can sample our pure liquid cacao as you shop for Turkey Day meals! 
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Get in the Kitchen with Cholaca
What are you bringing to your Thanksgiving feast? For yummy chocolate recipe inspiration, check out these new seasonal recipes with our pure liquid cacao.
Vegan Pumpkin Cholaca Pudding
Tell us what YOU are thankful for! Look out for this contest from Cholaca and Alfalfas Market launching November 15th and ending the day before Thanksgiving. 
Post a photo from your own camera roll of a time that you were thankful, include the #cholacacheers and you are in! The most liked photo will win the dual prize package so be sure to encourage your friends and family to like your post. 
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Sample Cholaca in November
Visit the locations below to try our pure liquid cacao while you shop. Remember: You are saving the rainforest with every little sip!
Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao contains ingredients that work to boost serotonin, combat depression, and keep you feeling amazing with no come down. Participate in the “one shot per day Cholaca challenge” and you are sure to feel naturally stimulated. 
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This Season we are Thankful for Cholaca
Seasonal Chocolate Beers on Tap for November
Imperial Biere Joie 
Stout – Imperial/Double
8.5% ABV
50 IBU 
This Russian Imperial Stout is brewed with coffee beans from Papua New Guinea and our bittersweet pure liquid cacao. The beer is thick, strong, and goes down silky. 
Chocolate Dark Star Nitro
Oatmeal Stout
ABV 6.0
IBU 24
Mike Darling at Crafty Ales and Lagers has been brewing his first recipe, Dark Star, since 1997 (shortly after he began home-brewing). This oatmeal stout is a year-around favorite at the brewery and the brewers recently thought it a great vehicle to experiment with our pure liquid cacao. They added the Cholaca and transferred the beer to the bright tank (normally, they add cacao at other stages of the brewing process). The beer is an overall hit as patrons are enjoying the enhanced chocolate aroma and flavor! 
Stop in and try Chocolate Dark Star Nitro on draft today. 
Milk Money Cocoa Stout 
Stout – Milk/Sweet
5% ABV
28 IBU
English Style Sweet Stout Ale. Brewed with pale, chocolate, Carafa, aromatic, and lactose sugar resulting in a smooth malt character and thick creamy brown head. The addition of lactose sugar, unfermentable sugar, gives the beer some residual sweetness. Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao added post-fermentation gives a slightly sweet and strong chocolate flavor. (Balanced with Santium and Fuggle hops.)
Check out our recent feature in Westword news as the special chocolate ingredient in the chocolate beers from Oskar Blues Brewery, Lefthand Brewery, Copper Kettle Brewing Company, and Sleeping Giant Brewing Company. Full article here. 
Event Recap: Death By Coconut Chocolate Beer Release 
Thank you to everyone who came out to support the release of Death by Coconut in Longmont, Brevard, and Austin. We had so much fun celebrating with everyone and can’t wait to do it again next year. Special thanks to Oskar Blues Brewery for helping put these events together and for now sharing our pure liquid cacao logo on the Death by Coconut can!