The Luck of Chocolate Beer
March is upon us and we are ready for more Cholaca brewed chocolate beer. Check out all of the new breweries who are hopping on the Cholaca train and saying NO to brewing with cacao nibs. Read on to see a new chocolate beers on draft for St. Patricks Day and more. Plus, find out why our pure liquid cacao is quickly becoming every brewmasters favorite chocolate ingredient in all their new chocolate beers.
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Brewmasters - Brew the Best Chocolate Beer
Great Divide for the Win!
Congratulations to Great Divide Brewing Company on the success of their one-off batch, Mexican Chocolate Yeti Stout! The beer “flew off the shelves” and was a smash hit with consumers. They are now ordering 70 gallons of our pure liquid cacao to continue the production and sales of this delicious brew. 
Brewmasters: If you want to have a similar success with your chocolate beer, choose Cholaca over cacao nibs. Our pure liquid cacao is an incredible alternative and adds a one of a kind chocolate flavor to your beer. Order a free sample now at 
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Celebrate St. Patricks day with the best chocolate beers in the world. If you want to brew a beer for St. Patty’s, place an order for a free sample now. 
Chocolate Beer for St. Patricks Day
Hornswoggler Chocolate Milk Stout from Veil Brewing Company 
Brewmasters: Check out the newest chocolate brew from The Veil Brewing Co.and learn how they brew with our pure liquid cacao! 
For the S’mores variant, they took their 7% robust chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler and added over 60 gallons of Cholaca (pure liquid sweetened cacao) for extra chocolate character and 100lbs of mini marshmallows on the hot side. Then in secondary, they added over 700lbs of crushed up graham cracker and over 8lbs/bbl of marshmallow flavored coffee. Sweet milk chocolate, salty&sweet graham cracker, aromatic marshmallows, and nice subtle roast from the coffee. S’mores all in your mouth! ? Shooting for approx. 140-160 cases. $17+tax/4-pack. 1x case/6x 4-packs per person. 
“Vaya Con Dios” 
Imperial Aged Tequila Porter
Vaya Con Dios is their new Tequila Barrel Aged Salted Chocolate Imperial Porter and it’s now on tap for March.
Hops and Berries Brewing with Cholaca 
Big thanks to Hops & Berries for promoting our pure liquid cacao in your store! They are a fully stocked shop and carry everything you need to make beer, wine, mead, soda and cheese at home. “Put half to all of this quart in a five-gallon batch for hardcore chocolate flavor!” 
Buckin’ Bourbon from Blooming Rose Meadery
Another brewery has caught the buzz saying NO to cacao nibs and YES to Cholaca! Soon Blooming Rose Meadery we will be making a revised batch of Buckin’ Bourbon. This batch will be made using lactose and Cholaca instead of nibs. “This should bring out a better chocolate flavor.” – Head of brewing operations
Alms of Paradise Brewing says “Usually we only get an album for a new beer but this new ingredient, Cholaca, is well worth its own album! We cannot wait to add this to our Mole Ale! The Cholaca and the chipotles have been added to the Spike Brewing fermenter for some secondary fun. Embracing some chocolate, spice and everything nice for this Mole Ale! You are going to want to be ready to get a pint of this gem.”
That’s what we like to hear! Order your free sample now!
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