You're in Luck!
This month, discover the many ways you can catch the Cholaca Buzz! Follow us on social media as we reveal all the incredible health benefits of Cholaca as well as where to find our products near you. Plus, join us later in the month to celebrate St. Patricks day with the best Cholaca brewed chocolate beer.
Spring Break is just around the corner and we want to tell you why Cholaca is a vital ingredient in whipping your body back into shape. We will show you all the athletes who consume our pure liquid cacao as a source of energy and explain the dietary actions to help get your mind and body prepared for beach season. Be sure to participate in our Cholaca challenge, 2 oz of Cholaca per day keeps the doctor away (more details below). 
Cholaca: The Physical Buzz
If you didn’t already know, the health benefits from Cholaca are absolutely incredible. Our pure liquid cacao is just the thing you need to kick start your ultimate Spring Break body. Not only does Cholaca suppress your appetite, but it keeps you focused and naturally energized all day long with no come down. Additionally, Cholaca detoxifies your liver, builds stronger bones, and helps protect against environmental and metabolic toxins. Stay educated and learn even more positive gains that assist in bettering your health and fitness just by ingesting Cholaca. Click here for more info. 
Cholaca Helps your 
Skin too…
Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao is high antioxidants that block harmful free radicals in the body. It also protects the body against many diseases including premature aging. Cholaca has a good amount of vitamin C and magnesium as well, which helps in protecting the sking and keeping it glowing and healthy. 
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Join us in the 7 day Cholaca Challenge. Put the above health benefits into action by consuming 1-2 oz of Cholaca per day and let us know how feel. Post a picture, tweet us, send us a message, or comment on our Facebook page to tell us how Cholaca makes you feel. 5 lucky winners will get free bottles of our original pure liquid cacao!
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R&R Coffee Cafe Collaboration
We are thrilled to report that R&R Coffee Cafe has incorporated our pure liquid cacao into their daily brewing operations. This company, like ours, shows great dedication to fair trade and states that “While some roasters focus on Fair Trade or any of the many certifications available out there, we like to take it one step further. Whenever we can, we offer Know Your Joe biographies of every detail about the cup: from the farmer’s name through the best brew method for your coffee. By offering “Relationship Coffee,” we are able to bridge the gap between the farmer and your cup.” 
Welcome to the Cholaca tribe R&R!
Shamrock Superfood Bowl
Don’t forget your green with St. Patrick’s day just around the corner! Remember those delicious and seasonal Shamrock shakes from your childhood? Well now you can enjoy that same creamy, minty goodness AND get your superfood boost for the day. Jumpstart your spring with this Cholaca “Shamrock” Superfood Bowl packed with essential proteins, vitamins and fiber.  
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Alpine Dog Brewery 
“Vaya Con Dios” 
Imperial Aged Tequila Porter
Vaya Con Dios is their new Tequila Barrel Aged Salted Chocolate Imperial Porter and it’s now on tap for March.
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