May is coming in HOT with new Chocolate Beers!
Who is ready for warm weather, poolside hang outs, getting outdoors, and BRAND NEW chocolate beers!? As memorial day approaches, stay tuned via our social channels for fresh chocolate beers on tap as well as tons of events to kick off this summer. 
Celebrate American Craft Beer Week (May 14-20) by tasting never before brewed chocolate beers. Talk to various brewmasters about their experiences with Cholaca and try a FREE sample anytime by visiting 
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Celebrate American Craft Brew Week this month (May 14-20) with the ultimate Chocolate Beers. Visit to find Cholaca chocolate beers near you. OR if you are a brewmaster interested in brewing a chocolate beer with Cholaca, please place your FREE sample order here. 
Celebrate American Craft Beer Week with the Best Chocolate Beer
DreamChasers Brewery, recently had tremendous success when their Chocolate Imperial Stout called Coconut Essence of the Void, which was brewed Cholaca and with organic roasted coconut, won the best in show award at the Queen City Brewers Festival in North Carolina on February 3, 2018.
“We love Cholaca! It is so easy to use and the flavor is incredible!!” said Owner, Neil Gimon, at DreamChasers Brewery.
Don’t miss us this week at the Craft Brewers Conference for the second year in a row in Nashville, Tennessee. Join us in music city as we team up with BrewCraft USA to tell you all about our pure liquid cacao and why it is the absolute best chocolate ingredient to use in your next chocolate beer. We look forward to seeing you all there, be sure to stop by and say hi, meet our team and sample Cholaca with us – we’ll be located in the Brewcraft USA booth!
Beers on Tap for May
Militant Monk (Chocolate Belgian Tripel)
This new and refreshing beer ‘Militant Monk’ and orange Chocolate Belgian Tripel is now available at Fermaentra. This beer was made in collaboration with Makin’ Noise Beer to benefit the Rocky Mountain Field Institute! Brewed with orange zest, our pure liquid cacao, the Westmalle yeast strain, and a blend of oats, wheat and barley is sure to be one of your favorite chocolate beers yet! 
Chocolate Hot Pepper Stout 
Each version of this unique beer brewed with our pure liquid cacao will offer different peppers and/or blends with Cholaca. The heat is kept to a minimum allowing you to enjoy a pint without being burned out but you will certainly know it’s there. Stop in for a taste of the heat! 
Chocolate Coconut Double Stout
Check out the Chocolate Coconut Double Stout, a pilot batch from Source Brewing brewed with a variety of chocolate and roasted specialty malts, conditioned on our 100% pure liquid cacao and roasted coconut flakes. “It tastes just like a liquid Almond Joy Bars in a glass…delicious!” Hurry and give it a try before this candy bar beer runs out.
Chocolate Milk Stout
Check out ALL the facts from Factotum Brewhouse. They sure can do a chocolate milk stout! This small-batch beer will be available at their May 27th viewing party of the Indianapolis 500, brewed special with our pure liquid cacao. Don’t miss out!
Home Brewing with Cholaca and Alms of Paradise
This beer was inspired by a life changing experience the brewer had in Bozeman Montana on a ski trip. The first time he tasted New Belgium’s Coco Mole he knew he wanted to try and create one of his own. It has taken six years and the use of Cholaca to get it dialed in to where he ha wanted it. This velvety blend of chocolate and chili with a smoky nose from the dried chipotle is delicious as the rich Cholaca balances out the heat of the chilies but leaves room for a lingering warmth on your palate like a puffy vest on a cool spring morning. Yum!
“When you have loved Peanut Butter cups your whole life you tend to fantasize about marrying them with beer! This Mirage White stout was a bit underwhelming until it was introduced to the fabulous addition of Cholaca and dried organic peanut butter. Why eat your dessert when you can drink it! 
Homebrewer, Eric Holst
Are you a brewmaster looking to brew your next chocolate beer? Look no further. Say no to cacao nibs, and yes to Cholaca. Our pure liquid cacao is sure to bring you your best brew yet. 
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Brew the BEST Chocolate Beer with the BEST pure liquid cacao!