Drink Up – Chocolate Beers are here for Summer!
The weather is warm and it’s officially porch drinking season. Chocolate beer is fresh on tap in the form of sours, lagers, and ales for summer time. Check out our full list of summer beers at cholaca.com/products and stay tuned via our Chocolate Beer Lovers Facebook Page for the most up to date news and brews on draft. 
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Chocolate Beers are no longer just for fall! Order Cholaca today for your next Chocolate Beer thru Country Malt Groupand Brewcraft USA! 
Brew the Best Summer Sour with the Best Pure Liquid Cacao
Give it up for all the incredible Father’s worldwide. We are so appreciative for all that you do and want to show our gratitude to all of the Dad’s out there. Check out our full list of Cholaca chocolate beers on tap for Father’s Day at Cholaca.com/products. #CholacaCheersDad
BBQ and Beer - What more could you want for Fathers Day?
Cholaca's in Canada Eh?!
We are proud to report that Cholaca now ships direct to Canada through CountryMalt Group! Check out Canadian based, Central City Brewery’s newest beer featuring our pure liquid cacao. It’s called “Singing Sands Salted Caramel Lager” and it sure is tasty. The beer is a collaboration with Upstreet Brewing from Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast. They are currently releasing a 12 pack right now and it is a collaboration with one brewery from each of Canada’s 12 provinces. The recipes are all from the visiting brewers, and it is quite a mix of beers. It is, or will be, selling all across Canada at respective provincial liquor stores. 
If you’re a brewmaster in Canada and are interested in trying a FREE sample of Cholaca click here. 
Sour Flounders Red Ale
Almanac Beer Co
Astounding Enterprises is dedicated to the pioneering spirit of California. The term was coined by Mark Twain in the late 1800s while traveling through California. Twain viewed the pioneers’ bold endeavors as, “a magnificent dash and daring and a recklessness.” “We created this adventurous beer-wine hybrid with that same intrepid spirit. Astounding Enterprises is blended from select barrels of imperial sour red ale aged with merlot grapes, raspberries, pure liquid cacao and vanilla beans. Part wine, part beer and part autumn harvest—this brew is 100% California. Pair this decadent beer with dry aged steak, Coq au Vin or chocolate ganache cake.” – Almanac Brewmaster
Peanut Butter Cup 
Dessert Ale 
We’re far from Halloween, but you could say the Peanut Butter Cup dessert ale at 14 Cannons Brewing Co. is both a trick and a treat. As a beer doppelgänger for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, this beer is just delicious! Peanut comes through in the aroma, and chocolate in the flavor. The beer’s sweetness comes from the body being a golden stout.
Check out the full article and description here. 
Conquer the Route 
Chocolate Stout
ABV: 7.2%, IBU: 20
A bittersweet finish is balanced with the richness of real chocolate in this smooth-drinking stout. This beer is brewed in partnership with mountain climber, explorer, author and producer Alison Levine. It’s made with Cholaca’s fair-trade, pure liquid cacao sourced in Ecuador that infuses this beer with wanderlust and global awareness. 
Militant Monk 
(Chocolate Belgian Tripel)
This new and refreshing beer ‘Militant Monk’ and orange Chocolate Belgian Tripel is now available at Fermaentra. This beer was made in collaboration with Makin’ Noise Beer to benefit the Rocky Mountain Field Institute! Brewed with orange zest, our pure liquid cacao, the Westmalle yeast strain, and a blend of oats, wheat and barley is sure to be one of your favorite chocolate beers yet!
Nitro Macchiato Stout
We want to give a special shout out to Capitol City Brewing for their one year anniversary in business! They are celebrating with three new beers, one of them being brewed special with our pure liquid cacao. Stop in and try their Nitro Macchiato Stout (Lactose, Coffee and Cholaca). Congratulations Capitol City!
Stout Side of the Moon
Special thanks to Ghost Train Brewing for stopping by our booth at CBC to bring us their last cans of “Stout Side of the Moon” brewed with Cholaca. This imperial chocolate milk stout is fermented with lactose and Cholaca is added during the secondary fermentation, leaving this beer with a viscous mouthfeel. “We brew this beer with enough hops and roast to balance out the sweetness” says head brewer. Plus we might want to add it’s a whopping 13.9% so be ready to catch that buzz.