The Celebration of Chocolate Beer
This month is full of excitement and festivities giving us many big reasons to celebrate…and what better way to celebrate than with Chocolate Beer?! Not only are we officially available through Country Malt Group in the USA AND Canada, but brewmasters have taken our pure liquid cacao and started using it in their summertime brews and, we’re excited to share them with you right here! Cholaca’s not just for fall or winter brewing anymore: Brew the BEST summer beers with the BEST pure liquid cacao!
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Chocolate Beers for Fourth of July
We are ready to celebrate our Nations Independence with some good BBQ, amazing fireworks, and of course… the very best chocolate beer. Visit for all of collaborative Cholaca chocolate beers on tap now. 
Cholaca at Country Malt Group
Hip Hip Hooray! Cholaca is now available in the USA and Canada through Country Malt Group. For more information and/or to place an order…visit 
Cholaca at Country Malt Group
Oskar Blues (Boulder & Longmont, CO + Brevard, NC)
July 7, 9:30am 
Come join us for the release of the Bourbon Barrel Aged Ten FIDY Imperial Stout! This beer was massively doused with unsweetened pure liquid cacao from Cholaca, then dosed with Hotbox Roasters’ cold brew from Mexican coffee beans. Get it in a grande, a venti, or a trenta… just kidding, put it straight in yer mouthhole.
Get this 12.9% AVB smooth Mocha Mutha on July 7, World Chocolate Day and enjoy music, Cholaca Sampling, and giveaways!
We’ll hand out wristbands at9:30am, but a line may begin to form much earlier.
5-case limit until 3pm. If there’s still beer at 3pm, limits are lifted
Mocha FIDY Fountain - Oskar Blues and Cholaca
Chocolate Beers on Tap for Summer: 
Brew the Best Summer Beer - Cholaca Now thru Country Malt Group
Cholaca Beer is no longer just for Fall and Winter…we’ve now got these delicious brews on draft for the Summertime heat! Check out each of these tasty beverages below. 
Oskar Blues – Mocha Bourbon Barrel Aged Ten Fidy Imperial Stout
Central City Brewing – Singing Salted Caramel Lager
Fourteen Cannons – Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Ale
Almanac Beer Co – Astounding Enterprises Imperial Sour Red Ale 
Check out more Cholaca Infused Beers below…
Mexican Brown Ale – Diamond Knot Brewing
(Also available at Cactus Restaurants)
This Mexican Chocolate Brown Ale is based on an American Brown Ale with toffee and hints of chocolate. For the Mexican Chocolate Brown Ale they enhanced the chocolate by using Cholaca and made their own extract using California chili pods and cinnamon. Fantastic paired with classic mole’, carne asada, carnitas, and chicken.
Black Shadow Stout 
Black Shadow CMS is our creamy, chocolate milk stout, using real Cholaca chocolate, and various grains that impart a Kona flavor, with hints of vanilla at the finish.
Cacao Stout 
ABV: 5.7%               IBU: 41
This American-style stout has a pleasant malt body with hints of roasted coffee and a creamy head to top it off. After infusing it with 100% pure liquid cacao from Cholaca it exudes a rich, dark chocolate flavor. Like liquid dessert, the silky mouthfeel leaves you pining for more. 
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