2019 is the year for NEW chocolate beers. Cholaca is coming in hot with exciting new chocolate beer releases, special events, and over 1000 breweries using our delicious pure liquid cacao as the special chocolate ingredient in their brews.

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Brew Chocolate Beer in the new year
Stay tuned this month via our Cholaca Facebook page to find out the winner to our 5 gallon Cholaca contest. We appreciate all of those who entered and would like to give a special thanks to all of you incredible brewmasters who brewed with us in 2018. 
New Years Chocolate Beers on Draft
Reese Peanut Butter Stout 
Cactus Land 
ABV 8.2%.
“Reese Peanut Butter Stout” This chocolate beer is brewed with Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao and powdered peanut butter. It’s full of dark roasted chocolate flavors and served on nitro for a creamy body. What a delicious way to start off the new year!
El Cucuy Imperial Stout 
Creative Culture Brewing Company 
10.25% ABV
El Cucuy Imperial Stout is brewed special with Cholaca, roasted coconut, vanilla, and aged with white bourbon barrel oak staves. Stop in to Creative Culture Brewing to quench your chocolate beer thirst! 
Chocolate Chokeberry
Check out St. Vrain Cidery’s Chocolate Chokeberry. Made with love and precision in Longmont, CO, infused their Dry Chokeberry cider with our pure liquid cacao to add hints of dark chocolate aroma and flavor. Think cherry and chocolate with baked apple. How can you even resist?!
BONGO Chocolate Porter
BONGO chocolate porter from Mister B Brewery is a deliciously dark and creamy bodied porter brewed with Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao and a bit of roasted coffee taste.
“Stop Beer Racism.”
Frumpy MooMoo
Frumpy MooMoo from Gilded Goat Brewing is a breakfast stout brewed with Cholaca and locally roasted Guatemalan coffee from Harbinger Coffee. This beer showcases a full-bodied sweetness from a heavy helping of vanilla and roasted notes of bittersweet chocolate and dark cherries. YUM!
Is this your first time brewing with our amazing pure liquid cacao? Have no fear, we are here to help. Click on the picture below to head to our FAQ page where you can learn all the best tips and answer any brewing questions you have about brewing with Cholaca. 
Craft Brew Conference 2019
Craft Brew Conference 2019 is almost here. Come visit us at booth # 3111 this year. We’ll be next to the Country Malt Group Beer station, our exclusive distributor!