May is coming in HOT with Chocolate Summer Beers!
Who is ready for warm weather, poolside hang outs, getting outdoors, and brewing NEW chocolate Summer beers!? As memorial day approaches, take the #cholacachallenge, sign up for sustainability and brew an Organic Chocolate beer! If your Brewery wants to sign up check out the details here.
Congratulations to all the Sweetheart’s Revenge Homebrew Competitors. 
‘We were at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver CO. Were you? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram with a photo if you were.
Celebrate American Craft Beer Week (May 13-19) by tasting never before brewed chocolate beers. Talk to various brewmasters about their experiences with Cholaca and try a FREE sample anytime by visiting 
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Memorial Day with Cholaca
Brew a Chocolate Summer Beer with Cholaca
Are you a brewmaster looking to brew your next Summer chocolate beer? Look no further. Say no to cacao nibs, and yes to Cholaca. Our pure liquid cacao is sure to bring you your best summer brew yet. And so amazing in a summer beer!
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Craft Brewers Conference 2019
We had a great time at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver. This was our third show and we loved having everyone come visit and share their Cholaca brewing stories with us! We also dug having Country Malt Group right next door sampling Asher Brewing‘s Organic Conscious Cacao Porter. Hope you got to sample it! Did you get a tattoo at Crowler? We didn’t but we definitely ate some of their cheeseballs and met some great new friends. Cheers!
Cholaca’s International News
Beers on Tap for May
Double Cocoa Stout Side of the Moon
As soon as you open this beer, layers of chocolate bliss hit you. Quickly followed by oak and bourbon with a long semi-sweet finish. A chocolate lovers dream beer!
Stupid Cupid
Stupid Cupid not only has a great logo design but it tastes as good as it looks. It’s a Raspberry & Chocolate Stout brewed with raspberry puree and 
Cholaca. Sounds like drinking your dessert just became a reality!
Congrats to all the winners at the 2019’s Sweetheart’s Revenge Homebrew Competition. There were 503 entries judged in 44 medal groups! Sweetheart’s Revenge is now one of the largest homebrew competitions in the state of CO taking place in Loveland CO. We are honored to have been a sponsor. 
FAQ with Nic Bortolin 
Head Brewer at 14 Cannons Brewing Co 
How do I use Cholaca to brew a Summer beer?
“I have used Cholaca as a replacement for cocoa nibs in the fermenter with a chocolate stout as well as with a coffee beer. For the Peanut Butter Cup Dessert Ale, I add the cholaca to the brite tank, wait 48 hours, then rack the beer. I fill a brink (purged and sanitized) and inject the Cholaca post centrifuge in line on the way to the brite. I’ve found that carbonating in the brite does a great job mixing the cholaca evenly throughout the batch. Our Peanut Butter Cup Golden Stout is so popular that it is now a year round staple in our taproom. “