Cholaca’s 100% pure cacao liquor mass is now available by the case or by the ton wholesale quantities for your next chocolate creation!

Our vision is to create a new supply chain based on regenerative agriculture and to create a whole system of orchards where it’s not just one crop, but an entire food producing eco-system. Working with companies like Cholaca allows us to have access to awesome sources like eco-cacao that does right by people and planet, while not having to import a container ourselves.

Tim Richards

Chief Philosopher and Nut Alchemist, Philosopher’s Stoneground

This is THE MOST efficient method to bulk buy cacao… ever

Save time and money by allowing us to deliver processed single origin, organic and fair trade cacao to you that is stored in the United States and is readily available.

I like working with Cholaca because their high quality bulk cacao allows me to complement my product line with cacao of a quality I would make myself, yet at a more competitive price than I can accomplish in my artisinal bean to bar chocolate facility. Cholaca’s bulk cacao is one of the few 100% cacaos on the market today that I am impressed by.

Jonas Ketterle

Chocolate Maker, Firefly

Cholaca in the Chocolate Making Process

cacao nibs

Working with companies like Cholaca is great because when all of us are working together we can have a great impact at source. We’re all on the ground here telling our stories together, building the brands together, and have the benefits of a group purchase, so it builds a more resilient collective and we are all able to support each other in a number of ways.

Liam Blackmon

Co-Founder, Cacoco

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