Cholaca’s pure liquid cacao ingredient is now available in 32 oz, 5 gallon and 50 gallon size wholesale quantities for your next chocolate beer brew!

Cholaca is now distributed throughout North America to breweries though Country Malt Group and to homebrewers through County Malt Homebrew. Our unsweetened Cholaca is most often used for brewing chocolate beer, but we also produce original and sweet varieties for custom orders.

FOR BREWERIES: Please click on the “Place craft brewery order” link above to contact and order from your regional Country Malt Group division or call 518-298-8900 with general questions.

FOR HOME BREWERS: Please click on the “Find HOMEBREW store” link above to find Cholaca in a store near you or order online at AMAZON for home delivery.

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Cholaca is made with the best cacao in the world. It gives brewers a new premium alternative to nibs, powders and extracts. It is available in three varieties: unsweetened, lightly sweetened and sweetened to achieve the flavor profile you desire. All contain pure organic cacao and water. The sweetened varieties also contain organic coconut sugar.


Less waste than brewing with cacao nibs & powders… more efficient brew process


Cholaca is easy to use in a beer environment. When added post fermentation, Cholaca drops out of suspension in several days leaving behind bright, chocolate-enhanced beer.


Cholaca is made from the finest cacao in the world. Cholaca is converted into a water based liquid through a proprietary process.

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