Every morning I like to froth my cholaca and add it to my morning cup of joe to create a “Cholacachino” to get a head start on the day! – Ty


I use the unsweetened Cholaca, heated, with grass fed butter and ghee, add MCT and coconut oil, then I emulsify in a blender! – Justin


I love putting Cholaca in my protein smoothie I drink every morning! It gives the perfect amount of sweetness I want! – Maria

Morning Mocha

We usually have our morning Cholaca-mocha outside with Pooty. She just likes the 1/2&1/2.

ULax games

@maneekassaii fuels up with @cholaca before his #ulax games. Mentally focused and physically energized, oh yeah!

Taste the Feeling

My name is Ira and at 3pm, I drink Cholaca-Cola. It gets me ready for round two!

Head Brewmaster

The unique thing about brewing with Cholaca was that it’s in liquid form. It was easier using Cholaca in the brewing process because there wasn’t as much residue left behind for cleaning, as well as the unit of measurement was easier than actual chunked chocolate! – Todd Thibault: Culture Czar, Breckenridge Brewery

Efficient Brewing

Cacao nibs are bulky and expensive, and if added directly to a tank, must be enclosed in a sanitized mesh bag, which is not optimum for infusion into the finished beer. If not enclosed as such, they may clog hoses, ports, pumps, valves, etc. Cholaca, being liquid, infuses more readily, requires no bagging, and thus requires less to be added and is therefore cheaper. – Jason Yerger, Ghostfish Brewing

Leading the Way

Cholaca is leading the way to unite brands and consumers, and create community around the common theme of regenerative cacao, supporting producers at origin. – Nancy Zamierowski: Founder, Yellow Seed

Creative Boost

@sophunky loves to drink Cholaca by itself or in the morning with her coffee. It gives her that extra creative boost to write music and sing all day long!

Chocolate Maker

I like working with Cholaca because their high quality bulk cacao allows me to complement my product line with cacao of a quality I would make myself, yet at a more competitive price than I can accomplish in my artisinal bean to bar chocolate facility. – Jonas Ketterle: Chocolate Maker, Firefly

Brew Infusion

Liquid is quicker to infuse in brew and easier to introduce as liquid vs nibs. Cleanup afterwards is nonexistent with liquid and you also don’t need to use a large amount of liquid vs. nibs where it involves a large amount to equal liquid (liquid is pre-pasturized). – Dan Ditslear, 300 Suns Brewing Company

Morning Coffee

Hi my name is Lea and I love to add Cholaca to my morning coffee. I love it on top of my vanilla ice cream and I love Cholaca with peppermint schnapps over ice.  Thank you for making such a versatile yummy product.

Cholaca Mocha

My name is Serene and I love a sweet Cholaca mocha. It’s creamy and rich and gives me clear, focused energy!


Working with companies like Cholaca, Cacoco, and Firefly allows us to have access to awesome sources like eco-cacao that does right by people and planet, while not having to import a container ourselves. – Tim Richards, The Philosopher’s Stoneground

Pick me up

Janet of Natural Grocers loves the Sweet Cholaca. It has a rich, delicious full flavor. She drinks it straight. A tiny cup picks her right up whenever she’s feeling low on energy.

Cholaca Cupcakes

Natalie loves making Cholaca cupcakes after school!

Head Space

I love Cholaca! I strive to be a positive person and to share that with everyone I encounter, and so the fact that Cholaca has serotonin in it to help keep me in that positive head space, is awesome! I’m also very much into nutrition and taking care of my body these days. Being a superfood, Cholaca helps me to do that.

Top Shots

Me and my friends like to do shots and get our energy to the top!

Double Up

@michiboyd enjoys a double shot of Cholaca each morning in her coffee, its makes her feel energized and ready to make it an amazing day!


My name is Sarah and I enjoy Cholaca with my morning coffee. It makes me feel decadent.

Sweet Dreams

My name is Debbie and I’m dreaming of Cholaca and how amazing it tastes!

Milk Mustache

Charly and Zoe love sweet Cholaca mixed with milk for rich chocolate milk!

Head Barista

Cholaca is amazing to use in our coffee shops. It is liquified so its easy to steam and add to any beverage, or enjoy as a stand alone by itself. The versatility of Cholaca really makes the product unique and special, not to mention the nutrient dense superfood nature of cacao, it’s like the cherry on top! – Greg Lefcourt: Head Barista at Ozo Coffee Company

Regenerative Cacao

Working with Cholaca has been a pleasure and a total blessing because it gives us all the opportunity to source this regenerative cacao. Cholaca has really spearheaded and taken the responsibility of providing and getting smaller makers access to this cacao. – Tony Portugal & Liam Blackmon, Founders, Cacoco

Shining Soul

Hi I am Rachael! Çholaca is really amazing! The taste is so satisfying and it gives me the afternoon pick me up I need to finish working my load and makes my soul shine with boosting my mood. I love it hot or cold.

Meet Susanne

Hi my name is Susanne and I love a shot of Original Cholaca for it’s rich authentic flavor, and the elevated feeling it gives me.

Straight Up

I enjoy Cholaca straight up! It makes my mood happy and brings me a mid day mental boost; to get through my day.

Inspired Sips

@gregorylandua enjoys pure 100% Cholaca, straight up when he starts work for the day. The bold and bright flavor inside each sip helps him stay focused and connect back to the rainforest that inspires his work with @terragenesisinternational.

Head of Brewing

The beer making process with Cholaca was incredibly easy because we were able to let the fermentation go through, and then able to infuse the cholaca because of it’s liquid state! We then could layer the chocolate flavors with the beer flavors and it was the perfect fit! – Tim Matthews: Head of Brewing Operations at Oskar Blues Brewery

Slammin' Shots

michael.drazsnzak and kathy.draz.7 enjoy pure liquid Cacao Cholaca shots, it makes them feel adventurous. Follow their adventures on


@scrambled_meagz likes to drink her Cholaca post yoga workout #namaste #cacao #cholaca #naturalstimulant #feelthebuzz #yoga


Hi we are Chris And Makenzie we are thrilled that we found Cholaca sweet. We have tons of food sensitivities and to find something yummy that has minimal ingredients and fits with our limited dietary restrictions. Yay Cholaca!!!

simple superior product

What we like better about Cholaca is the flavor. With just nibs, we tend to get a more waxy muddled chocolate flavor in the beer. With Cholaca, and the fact that the entire nib is liquidized, we get a much more complex and depth of chocolate flavor that actually tastes like a 95% dark chocolate rather than chocolate flavored wax. Its a simple superior product that allows for maximum flavor extraction and use in the beer. Will never go back to nibs. The aroma is superior as well. No need to touch it up with flavors or extracts. – Bret Kollman Baker, Urban Artifact Brewing

Cholaca Horchata

My name is Mike and my favorite Cholaca drink is a Cholaca Horchata. It is the perfect cold, summer drink!

Smoothie Criminal

My name is Carrie and I love Cholaca smoothies. My Fall favorite is Cholaca Pumpkin. It makes me feel sustained and excited for the rest of the day! @stonelikearock

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