Premium cacao for brewers, beverage producers, and craft chocolate makers.

Pure cacao with a conscience.

Cholaca’s path to delicious, top-quality cacao starts with real intention and high standards. Our process preserves the integrity of cacao at every turn, and supports a sustainable livelihood for our dedicated and passionate farmers.
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If you can drink it, Cholaca can make it better with a touch of pure cacao.

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The best chocolate starts with the best cacao, bar none.


Left Hand Brewing S’mores Stout

To create this s’more, we start with our classic Milk Stout recipe with just a slight tweak to the malt bill to accentuate graham cracker flavors. For the melted chocolate magic, we pour in Cholaca pure liquid cacao. Then, to capture the gooey core of a perfectly fire-roasted marshmallow, we layer in toasted marshmallow. With your first pour, drink in the sounds of a crackling fire, the glow of fireflies and the warmth of a shared blanket. Then, crack another can and enjoy s’more!

Cholaca Premium Cacao

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Left Hand Brewing


We’re fans of Cholaca because it’s easy to use and the short amount of time it takes to achieve the flavor we want. As a regional brewery we don’t have many small tanks. The flowability of Cholaca makes dosing tanks 60bbl and larger relatively easy and hassle free. We’re not waiting around for flavors to
infuse with something like nibs. We add Cholaca and have a good idea of flavor profile within 24 hours.

Scott Drake, Head Brewer at Wormtown Brewery

Our love for chocolate runs deep.

Here’s some proof that feeds our passion:

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