The Cholaca Story

Working together to make life more delicious.

Cholaca was born from a passion to produce premium liquid cacao. Our founders spent years developing a proprietary process that emulsifies beans in water for a product that’s 100% pure, with nothing to hide behind. But, in order for Cholaca to taste exceptional, we had to start with great-tasting, high-quality beans.

We quickly learned the cacao market largely prioritizes volume over quality, and finding a secure supply of high-quality beans was a barrier. The deeper our team got, the more we uncovered about the lack of sustainability and ethics in the cacao industry. So we took a different path.

Premium Liquid Cacao
Cacao Beans

Putting care into ethical & regenerative cacao.

What makes Cholaca rise above the rest? We start with our own quality cacao beans that are grown in harmony with their natural ecosystem, and process them to the highest standards in the industry.

We know the finest cacao is achieved only with a commitment to supporting the farmers and land that make great chocolate possible. That’s why our business practices regenerate the soil, the rainforest and the local communities where cacao thrives.

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The Cholaca Process

The Future of Chocolate

Sweetening the deal for people & planet.

We keep our commitment to preserving the Colombian rainforest at the forefront of our process, and partner with people who carry that same passion.

In order to ensure the future of cacao we need farmers who can earn a living and support their families. We pay our farmers fair wages and provide incentives to not only protect the rainforest but grow it back, offering them stability, security and a greater sense of purpose and responsibility to the land.

Colombian Rainforest




We’re proud of all we’re accomplishing, from product innovation to protecting our earth. It’s an operation we’ve invested endless exploration and testing in to get it just right.


The world is our cacao pod. Let’s see what we can create.