From bean to bar or brew.

The best chocolate products begin with the best cacao.

When quality and depth of flavor can make or break your recipe, start with Cholaca’s premium cacao. Our journey begins by growing the best beans on the planet. And while what, where and how we grow them makes a difference, 75% of cacao’s characteristics come from the process that follows. Ours is a thoughtful system of harvesting, fermentation, drying and roasting—with attention to detail at every stage.
Premium Cacao

Cholaca cacao is cultivated with intention at each step in our process.


Our cacao is grown by small, independent farms throughout the biodiverse Colombian rainforest.

Growing Process
Harvesting Process


Cholaca beans are hand harvested at peak freshness and sorted for premium quality.


Our beans are fermented with care, time and attention for days, then tested for thoroughly.

Fermentation Process
Drying Process


We use a unique drying system adapted from tradition and proven to yield a higher quality product.


As a last step, Cholaca beans are lightly roasted for a premium flavor profile.

Roasting Process

Reasons to create with Cholaca Premium Cacao:

Cholaca - Colombia Cacao Flavor Wheel

A taste of what you’ll taste.

Our cacao is characterized by a rich chocolate flavor complemented with herbal and floral notes.

Cholaca brings award-winning flavor to the table.

We partnered with chocolate makers White Label in the creation of a single origin bar made exclusively of Cholaca cacao beans grown and processed in Chaparral, Colombia. We’re proud to share, the bar won Silver in the 2022 International Chocolate Awards, the industry’s equivalent of the James Beard award.

International Chocolate Awards

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Liquid Cacao

Incorporate into the brewing process, or use in your favorite food or beverage innovation.

Cacao Liquor

If chocolate can make it better, our premium quality cacao should be part of the recipe.

Cacao Beans

Start from scratch with premium flavor cacao beans grown with care.

Did you know?

Cholaca products retain the natural flavonoids founds in cacao.
Why is that? Because we take care to nurture them.