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Cholaca for craft beverage makers.

Cholaca exists for artisans with bold ideas and impeccable taste — the brewers, baristas and craft beverage makers who won’t accept less than the best. We get it. We have the same high standards when we pick and process our cacao.

Our result? A pure, premium liquid cacao that brings the distinct, rich flavor of chocolate to creative beverages and beyond. We’re honored that so many innovative brewers are using Cholaca Pure Liquid Cacao and Liquid Coconut to develop delicious drinks that push what’s possible.

Try a sample of our Liquid Cacao or Liquid Coconut.

Add cacao to the mix.

Made from the highest quality beans grown with heart, Cholaca pure liquid cacao adds the delicious element of natural chocolate flavor to craft beverages.

Cholaca Brewing Process

Cholaca Liquid Cacao incorporates easily into your existing brewing process.

Reasons to create with Cholaca Premium Cacao:

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Liquid Cacao

Liquid Cacao

Incorporate into the brewing process, or use in your favorite food or beverage innovation.

Liquid Coconut

Liquid Coconut

Forget the flakes. This is rich, bold coconut flavor with an extra creamy consistency.

Cacao Liquor

Cacao Liquor

Made from the highest quality cacao beans, fermented and dried for intense flavor.

Our Craft Beverage Customers


¡Choco Loco! Mexican Chocolate Stout by Salty Turtle Beer Company
“We’ve used Cholaca’s liquid cacao in every chocolate beer we’ve brewed for 6 years and I can’t say enough good things about the quality and consistency. After using it there are no changes you have to make to your existing vessel CIP procedures and have no fear: it’s aseptic! It’s the easiest cacao product to use on the cold-side of the brewery and it’s very exacting to dial in how “chocolate forward” you want your beer to be. When other brewers tell me about their headaches of dealing with cacao nibs, I always tell them about Cholaca and how there is a better way.”

Chad Brewer, Head Brewer

We’ve used both Unsweetened and Classic Cholaca in multiple beer styles and have been ecstatic with the results. It’s some of the best natural Cacao flavor we’ve ever tasted- while still being aseptic and available in a form that’s easy to integrate evenly into our brews.

Clay Baldwin, Head Brewer, Oak Mountain Brewing


Made With Cholaca

Chocolate Hazelnut Porter by Lakeville Brewing Co

Uses: Cholaca Liquid Cacao and Cholaca Liquid Coconut

“We’ve been using unsweetened Cholaca for years at our brewery in our seasonal chocolate hazelnut porter. We love the consistency the product delivers to one of our favorite brands. We recently started using their liquid coconut as well, with fantastic results.”
– Randy Clay, Lakeville Brewing Co

Sample Liquid Coconut

Norm Chocolate Coconut Stout by Wormtown Brewery

Uses: Cholaca Liquid Cacao and Cholaca Liquid Coconut

“We’re fans of cholaca because it’s easy to use and the short amount of time it takes to achieve the flavor we want. As a regional brewery we don’t have many small tanks. The flowability of cholaca makes dosing tanks 60bbl and larger relatively easy and hassle free. We’re not waiting around for flavors to infuse with something like nibs. We add cholaca and have a good idea of flavor profile within 24 hours.”
– Scott Drake, Head Brewer

Sample Liquid Coconut