Pure Coffee Concentrate by Cholaca

Cold Brew coffee just got a whole lot better.

At Cholaca, we’ve taken the same philosophy to coffee as we have with cacao. Our cold brew coffee concentrate has a rich, dark and bold flavor. It’s stronger and cleaner than regular cold brew. It’s also easier to use in the manufacturing process than any cold brewed coffee out there.

Our coffee concentrate has no preservatives or additives. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo.

We work directly with our coffee growers to maintain our commitment to sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Water, Organic Coffee

Easy to use

Just add cold, post fermentation

Brewed to perfection

No over or under coffee extraction


Because it’s added on the cold side, you know exactly what the finished beer will taste like before you add it to the brew

No dilution

Concentrated enough to not dilute finished beer

No harmful microorganisms

Product is pasteurized

Specially sourced

Part of the Royal Project set up by queen (turn opium fields into coffee). Source 2 from Colombia (Conflict coffee).