Cholaca is connecting people all over the world with the true essence of the best cacao on the planet.

We source our beans exclusively from heirloom cacao farms owned and operated by regenerative farmer cooperatives on the lush Ecuadorian Pacific coast, where the elements perfectly converge and create optimal conditions for shade-grown, beyond-organic production. This rich terroir imparts a uniquely rich and exquisite flavor to our beans.

We source from a Regenerative Farming Cooperative who won the Fruit and Flowers taste-profile award in 2012, setting the standard for aromatic cacao in Ecuador. Here at Cholaca, we feel honored by the invitation these communities have extended us to partner in bringing this superb cacao to the world with the ethical integrity it deserves. We are guided by the skilled team at Terra Genesis International (TGI) and are proud to be a responsible and sustainable focused business.

We do this by committing to the 5 Seeds of Regenerative Cacao


We do business directly with the leading Regenerative Farming Cooperatives of Ecuador and Columbia. We are a certified Fair-Trade company, and we work with communities to form long-term partnerships that actively regenerate the social, economic, and ecological fabric of daily life.


We are committed to telling the stories of these farmers and their families’ experiences stewarding these ancient cacao groves for generations. By creating connections between them and our customers, we are bringing real transparency and true sustainability to an industry otherwise mired in “green-washing”.


Cholaca cacao is single-origin, so we are partnering with communities for the long-haul. These farmers have experienced their fair share of industry exploitation. We see that these farmers are on the cutting edge of regenerative agriculture. When you choose Cholaca, you bring vitality to your body, to communities and the Earth.


We let the cacao speak for itself because it’s the real deal. 100% silky smooth wafers. No separation into cocoa butter and powder, unsweetened and unadulterated with additives. If you love the pure essence of cacao as much as we do, it doesn’t get better than this.


We use only the highest quality, independently-owned processing facilities available. Furthermore, we have made a commitment to build a manufacturing and processing facility that is owned and operated by the farmers themselves – cutting out the middlemen and allowing more wealth to enter and remain in their communities.

The depth of ecological and social regeneration happening in this region is unparalleled. It’s also threatened. The devastation of this landscape by deforestation for timber and cattle grazing, toxic shrimp farming, oil, natural gas, and rare mineral extraction are applying tremendous pressure from all sides.

Are you tired of tasting slavery and exploitation when all you want is to enjoy some truly delicious chocolate? So are we. That’s why we are bringing the cacao industry into integrity with people and planet. When we eat chocolate, we want to taste social justice and ecological regeneration. Don’t you?

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