Cholaca is pure cacao made made from one of the planet’s most nutrient-rich superfoods. This delicious ingredient is now available in various wholesale quantities as either our pure liquid cacao or our single source pure cacao liquor mass. All of our products are the highest quality, easiest to use ingredient in these four specific industries: craft brewing, craft chocolate, food service including coffee, restaurant and bakeries and also our retail grocery store segment.

Cholaca wholesale products are also available in a few varieties and are made from only three ingredients with no preservatives, emulsifiers or additives: this is pure cacao perfection we think you will love. So, relax and enjoy our vegan, gluten free, dairy free and paleo friendly 100% pure cacao today while knowing that every sip or bite helps to save a rainforest through sustainable economic partnerships in Ecuador and Columbia

The beer making process with Cholaca was incredibly easy because we were able to let the fermentation go through, and then able to infuse the cholaca because of it’s liquid state! We then could layer the chocolate flavors with the beer flavors and it was the perfect fit!

– Tim Matthews: Head of Brewing Operations at Oskar Blues Brewery

Cholaca is amazing to use in our coffee shops. It is liquified so its easy to steam and add to any beverage, or enjoy as a stand alone by itself. I like Cholaca in many different forms: Straight up as a shot for a quick chocolate fix and boost in energy. In a mocha, where the bitter espresso makes the Cholaca and milk balance for a wonderful treat. Or chilled in ice cold coconut milk for a refreshing and energized pick me up. The versatility of Cholaca really makes the product unique and special, not to mention the nutrient dense superfood nature of cacao, it’s like the cherry on top!

– Greg Lefcourt: Head Barista at Ozo Coffee Company

The unique thing about brewing with Cholaca was that it’s in liquid form. It was easier using Cholaca in the brewing process because there wasn’t as much residue left behind for cleaning, as well as the unit of measurement was easier than actual chunked chocolate!

– Todd Thibault: Culture Czar, Breckenridge Brewery


Find out why brewmasters love making chocolate beer with our pure liquid cacao!

Food Service

Explore the many ways Coffee Shops, Restaurants and Bakeries are using Cholaca in their menu items!


Discover why craft chocolatiers are buying bulk Cholaca and how it saves the rain forest.

Retail Stores

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